RX200...too good to be true?

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Re: Maybe a 1" RX line?

NIK11 wrote:

tomtom50 wrote:

If the RX200 is an addition and not a successor...

And considerably larger because of the fast long lens...

It could be true.

Why should Sony limit themselves to one camera using the very good 1" sensor in the RX100?

Yes, no one else has offered any serious challenge to the RX100 concept, so far.

On a personal note, I would prefer a slightly larger size version of RX100 for my ageing big fumbly hands, and if it allows more adventurous optics, bring it on.

We'll see.

Theoretically a larger RX200 is possible, but I guess with the size increase the market potential would shrink rapidly.

Ten years ago Sony had the DSC-F717 with 2/3 inch sensor, f/2.0-2.4 38-190mm lens and EVF. With the advance in technology since then (mostly in-camera processing) a similar lens for 1" sensor with more WA range and one stop extra aperture at WA could be possible, if the lens doesn't need to shrink. Obviously the 717 lens is too big for an RX100 style body... I would love a current version of the 717, but parts of its genes have gone into the NEX line (unfortunately without the high quality optics, otherwise NEX would be a good alternative to me).

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