Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: Not for Lightroom and not for Elements

cjyphoto wrote:

Where can you buy the non cloud CS6 upgrade? Just came from the Adobe site and can't find it anywhere.

Adobe seems to have removed all links to it, BUT google to the rescue!  You can do the upgrade at

Boy, talk about hiding it!!!!!!!!

And just to add a bit of insult to the injury, when you try to order it, you get a message:


There was a problem in the store. If you wish to complete your purchase immediately, please call (800) 585-0774 (U.S./Canada)." call the 800 number, wait for 28 minutes to speak to a sales rep, then put up with a 15 minutes sales pitch on the Creative Cloud (gotta love sales-rep-incentives) and finally get to order it.

Course, if you're me, you realize only after you get your confirmation email that they do not ship to P.O.Box, and that the order will be declined (direct quote from Adobe "support").

Yep, these Harvard B-school managers know how to improve their bottom line!  8^) Anyway, good luck, and please let us know how you make out.

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