RAID, to?

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Re: RAID, to?

raminolta wrote:

I have had Raid 0 (both software and hardware solutions) in my systems for a couple of years. The increased risk is not significant, IMO, since one drive already has a small chance of failure: If one drive has a one millionth chance of failure in a year, two drives in a raid zero array have two millionth chance of failure. So I don't understand why some people want to scare off others from using speedy raid. arrays.

The reason being that the odds aren't one in a million.  Per Google's white page, which examined their experience with a hundred thousand units, the first year odds of failure are 1.7%, and the year probability in year 3 zooms up to 8.6%.  Doubling these odds are considerable increases in risk, not the equivalent to buying two lotto tickets instead of one.

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