So, rumor has it...

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Re: So, rumor has it...

technic wrote:

There was a rumour last year that a 2.8/300 is coming from Sigma, but that doesn't seem very likely given the overlap with their 2.8/120-300 (also pricewise). If they can make it small, light and high quality I would certainly be interested, as the Canon 2.8/300IS is too expensive for hobby photographers.

I saw that rumor. I would guess that Sigma now builds that lens to "sport"-specs.

Personally I don't see the overlap. The 120-300 might be a 300/2.8, but that's something completely different from an optimized 300/2.8 prime. At the same price I would greatly favour the prime. That should have a better overall performance, give better results when used with a TC and be considerably lighter.

A high quality 4/300 or 5.6/400 with IS would be more interesting, at least as long as Canon does not provide an updated version of their affordable tele primes. However, Sigma doesn't have much experience when it comes to building compact, light and high quality tele primes ...

Indeed, it would be something completely new for Sigma. Since so many people love these lenses, I would still think it interesting for Sigma to have a try. Of course if Canon updates their lenses it might be a different story. But there is nothing to suggest they will and the price might be higher than expected.

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