Another client's wedding may be off?

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Re: I was wrong!

Craig wrote:

My client just contacted me.

I left a voicemail on her phone  and it took 8 days for her to respond.

At any rate the wedding is still on.. glad to hear that.

I could not figure out wny she didn't respond to my emails and then the phone.. Oh well

That's just the way some people handle communications these days - they are down right slack. I've seen it deteriorate over the years and people just don't place emphasis on doing the right thing anymore these days.

The advent of social media and mobile phones/texting has contributed to that deterioration and increasing numbers of people use it as a way to avoid contact/conflict to the point they no longer know how to communicate appropriately.  It's the same with handwriting - the youth of today are losing the art.

As for wedding photography - it's been in strife for some time and any photographer worth his salt should look for other opportunities that are more lucrative if his wedding bookings are suffering.


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