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Re: 'moribund' is the new age of enlightenment.

oneANT wrote:

You are then a facsimile photographer ... by that I mean  ... you cannot see and by quoting someone else your experience isn't even your own and that your friends and family are alike is no surprise.

Comeau isnt even saying what you think he is ...he wants his own recognition in a swamp of photographs , he wants you to see that he is not like everyone else and that he doesn't want to share the street ..."look at me" ..."Just look at me" ... he is saying. He'll grow out of it ...or wont.

So what interests me is, if you cannot see then why is it we have to hear from you at all.

What you are objecting to is what we genuine street photographers also object to, that we share the streets with 'snappers' that love their shiny black or nickel bodies more than their photographs.

You can join our battle if you like but to put the rest of us down because you cannot see and don't even know what it is I suppose why we have to share forums ... with just anyone.

No critique you can give can affect or infect me, I'm well above that ... but what I will take insult to is non-photographers, non-people campaigning their views as if 'moribund' is the new age of enlightenment.

I honestly don't even know why I replied, I really don't care what you think (and there are a few of 'you' on dpr).

Just go do something that makes you happy, ... go fight the Taliban or something

ɹǝpun uʍop puɐl ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ

I'm interested in looking at the photographs on your website but it's impossible to navigate. You might want to look at it in Chrome or Firefox. You simply can't click on the galleries.

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