Nikon 300mm VR used or new Sigma 120-300mm OS (2013 model)....what would you get?

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busya wrote:

i would be using it on Nikon d4, and would like to shoot birds in flight, my child's dance competitions maybe explore a bit of wildlife. i currently own Nikon 70-200 vr II with tc20 III, but would like a bit longer reach. i know sigma's new version of the 120-300mm lens is not compatible with Nikon tc's, so i would need to get a tc for that lens.. any suggestions if i decide to go that route?

Good to have the additional info. Based on that...

Any time that you can avoid TCs and have a budget to get the "right" focal length, it's good to do so. TCs will not only reduce the aperture, but will sometimes slow down the AF speed - not good for BIF. In addition, when the TC is on, you may need a different AF Fine Tune setting for the combo. Some lenses work very well with TCs. The Nikon 300 f4 and TC1.4 is just one example.

Perhaps you might consider the new Nikon AF-S 80-400 VR. It's getting a lot of very good feedback on this forum. There are several ongoing threads right now. Nikon also makes an AF-S 200-400 f4 VR-II.

If you need more than 400mm (which you may for BIF on a D4), then perhaps some other BIF shooters will post their suggestions for you.

Good luck with you lens decisions. You should be getting a lot more feedback on this forum.


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