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Re: Is open software the only option...

Lucas_ wrote:

Sailor Blue wrote:

There just aren't any other programs as good as Photoshop and Lightroom that I can find.  Some programs are good, very good in fact, but I have never found one with as many features or is as easy to use (once you learn how).

I agree about Photoshop, but Lightroom has not impressed me at all. If you want to use it only as a RAW converter, it's nothing more than Photoshop's ACR, so I just use Photoshop! Looks like most people like Lightroom's file management system, but it doesn't help me either, since I've been doing my files management for some years just using small programs like Image Ingester and Syncbase. I have no problem in dealing with the over 100.000 different image files and their back ups, both RAW and jpg, stored in five 1TB hard disks.

All other rhetoric aside, the reason Adobe is going to the Cloud is to make more money.  By no longer selling stand alone versions they will eliminate piracy.  Expect other software manufacturers to follow suit

It may be too expensive for many other smaller software designers to follow that.

I also wonder why Microsoft hasn't done that yet..., perhaps Adobe is taking too big a risk!

Microsoft is also doing it. Microsoft Office 365 is one of them.

Apparently this cloud based computing is due to the large number of Smartphones, where most everything is in the cloud, due to the low storage capabilities and Calculating Capabilities of said phones.

If you chose other software then you will just have to put up with fewer features or a more difficult to use interface.  It is up to you.

I have no doubt that it will cause some pain, nevertheless I'm also sure there are several other software developers that are quite capable to fill the feature gaps when demand calls for it. Time will tell.


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