Not new to editing for print, but need clarification for downsizing for DPR threads.

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Thanks Sailor Blue.

Sailor Blue wrote:

Whew, too many options for me to answer each one today so here are more general answers.

FastStone is a very nice program that I use almost daily but if I remember correctly, when saving it removes all EXIF data.  It also doesn't work with TIFF or PSD files.

Use Firefox as your browser, it is the best at color management for displayed images found on the web.

Your workflow is pretty complicated.  Why use both TIFF and PSD?  Pick one and use it all the way through Photoshop.

My workflow is to use either Lightroom or ACR to do as much post processing as possible then TIFF for Photoshop CS6 for layers/masking.  I work as non-destructively as possible in CS6 and always save the TIFF image will all layers intact.  This is an excellent video on non-destructive CS6 editing.

B&H - Tim Grey - Photoshop CS6 for the Photographer - YouTube

Working in aRGB is a good choice since you have a professional printer but it can cause problems when saving JPGs.

If you want to put images on dpreview then first reduce the image size and sharpen appropriately.  Save the images as JPGs AFTER you use the Edit/Convert to Profile/sRGB command before using the File/Save As command.  If you don't use the Edit/Convert to Profile/sRGB command the saved JPG will have aRGB as the embedded color profile and the colors will not display correctly.

As an alternative you can simply use the CS6 File/Save for Web command, which will reduce the size of the image to what you select, automatically convert the image to sRGB, sharpen the normal amount for the web, and embed sRGB color space info in the JPG file.

With earlier versions of Photoshop you should reduce the image size appropriately first then use the File/Save for Web and Devices command since this command chokes when asked to reduce the image size.

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Thanks for the detailed info Sailor Blue. With regard to my workflow... After conversion from NEF with NX2 (I like the tools in that app for Nikon raw - NX2 is non-destructive too), then I Save As TIFF. I do my edits in CS5 and using only one layered PSD file. Then I flatten and Save As TIFF for the various print sizes. So, there is no PSD file for each crop - only a flattened TIFF for each crop.

FastStone - I'll have to check for the EXIF data. It has a specific "Resizer" option that I wanted to use. Perhaps a "Save for Web" option is what removes the EXIF. It would surprise me if the "Resizer" function removes the EXIF.


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