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Re: FX for low light


24mp is 24mp - same resolution, regardless of being from a cell phone, dx, fx or medium format camera.   The quality of those pixels can vary a lot though.

Depending on what you mean by "resolution".

As far as 'sharpness' goes, between DX and FX, it's a bit of a wash, but usually more in favor of DX.   With DX not using the corners (of FX lenses), you 'gain sharpness' at the edges of the frame.

Why can you not crop on FX?

Of course you're going to pay for that, in various ways.

-the camera costs more.  (Expensive sensor)

Thats all you pay.

-the lenses cost more (wide angle FX lenses have to be significantly bigger)

No they dont. for the same performance you generally pay less. compare 12-24 vs 18-35. (18-35 is actually a higher performing lens)

-FX wide angle lenses tend to be harder to pack (because they're bigger)

They are not, again, compare 12-24 vs 18-35. In fact, at only 381g, the 18-35 is almost the lightest UWA lens for all Canikon SLRs (for both APS-C and FF). most aps-c UWA are around 385g to 550g, the only lighter UWA is tamron 11-178, but that is such as slow ans sucky lens comparing it to the 18-35 is like comparing film era 28-85 to today's 24-70.

It is only bigger if you want ultimate performance which cannot be matched on APS-C so you cannot compare anyway.

-you worry more about corner IQ with FX, both sharpness and IQ

Corner IQ and sharpness concerns are exactly the same with aps-c as they are with FF. especially if you are talking about UWA since all UWA lenses for aps-c are aps-c only lenses. (EFS or DX lens)

-wildlife shooters lose pixels on subject when they crop

What is the difference between native aps-c and cropped FF?

-landscape shooters lose some depth of field with FX

This is completely false, unless you are shooting a lens with minimum aperture of F8 - which i do not think exists.

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