Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

Adobe is making a huge mistake and if enough complain and not buy into their subscription plans, they will have no choice but to go back on their word and produce software.

The main reason I am against it is I feel we should not be forced to use their only option. I feel that it is my money I am spending and if I prefer to spend a thousand dollars buying the software disc instead of renting it, that's my business and my perogative. Don't force me in having no choice.

I hate what Adobe is doing and they will lose me as a customer. I will use CS 6 until it doesn't work anymore and then I will turn to PSP and PS Elements which is the closet to what PS is. I hope I can use my plug ins and scripts and action on PS Elements though.

Please lets stand together and fight Adobe on this. Lets plan a protest to be held in front of the offices in California.

Adobe has no idea what they are doing. I only hope that they fall on their butts real hard where they can't get back up and will in turn have no choice but to leave things alone. Keep everything the way it is.

All want is to get rich. Money is the only they care about. It certainly isn't us.

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