RAID, to?

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Re: RAID, to?

As you read in other people's replies, normally when Raid 0 is mentioned, it is always mentioned a higher risk of data loss since if one drive in an R0 array fails, the data is lost.

I have had Raid 0 (both software and hardware solutions) in my systems for a couple of years. The increased risk is not significant, IMO, since one drive already has a small chance of failure: If one drive has a one millionth chance of failure in a year, two drives in a raid zero array have two millionth chance of failure. So I don't understand why some people want to scare off others from using speedy raid. arrays.

The important point (particularly for Windows users) is to REGULARLY back up your data; I would say at least once every two weeks or more often depending on how often you have new data coming to the system. Whether your hard drive failed or something else screwed your system (a virus or else), it's crucial to have a back up of personal data. Once regular backups are made, I would not worry about using a raid 0 array in my system. Without regular backups, everything is highly potentially risky, raid or no raid.

Right now, I have two raid arrays in my system: 2 x SSD's in raid 0 as system drives and, five x HDD's in raid 5 for data storage. I have had this for about a year during which no raid failures have occurred. Fear from raid zero in my opinion is not a rational fear.

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