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Red fringing?

What is your take on the red fringing in the RAW studio scene images? (most noticeable on the right side of the cyan handle of the brush at the far left but visible in plenty of other places too) Want to call it "CA" but that same lens (model) has been used with countless other Nikon DX-format cameras and chromatic aberration isn't usually resolution-sensitive.

Checking other Nikon DX model studio shots with the same lens (well, same lens model) :

- does not show up in the jpeg version (so is something the camera's processing engine is "fixing")

- does show up in the D5200 RAW (so is not due to the OLPF removal)

- does not show up in the D3200 RAW (same pixel-count sensor)

- perhaps a hint in the D7000 RAW and even the D300S RAW (so maybe it really is CA that becomes more visible at higher resolutions (and doesn't speak well of the D3200 in that case))

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