How quickly can a photography business gain traction in a large city?

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Re: it's not about the quality of the product

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Most folks can't tell a good image from a bad one. THey don't understand posing, lighting, color, sharpness, etc.
They DO understand price, popularity (all my friends went there) loyalty (we've always gone there), branding/name recognition, longevity.
They can't do business with you if they've never heard of you. They probably won't do business with you if you're not first in their mind when they think "i need a wedding photog/senior/baby/family pics"
This marketing and advertising determines who is successful and who is not.
Look at mcdonalds - not the best food by any measure, but they are consistent in what they do - product and Advertising wise. They are always always always advertising and marketing. Same for beer companies. Miller and Bud are not the best beers but they advertise the most and sell the most. 2+2 is 4.

This is good advice here.

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