The sequence order of your prime lens purchases?

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Re: The sequence order of your prime lens purchases?

drcPhoto wrote:

This might be a question that has no right answer and would be different for every photographer, but I would still be interested in some feedback.  I presently have the Lumix GH3 and the 12-35mm and 35-100mm zoom lenses.  Down the road I also want to have a few prime lenses for both photos and my video.  Some prime lenses on my wish list are:  the Olympus 75mm, the Olympus 45mm, the Voigtlander 17.5mm, and most likely the Panasonic 20mm lens.  I am still uncertain about an ultra-wide prime.

I know most purchases are ultimately decided on the amount of use it will get and type of photography a person would do with it, but what would your order of purchasing prime lenses and your percentage relative use of each on these types of lenses?  Any other lenses you might put on "must have" or " should have" primes?

Right now I am leaning in the direction of getting the 20mm 1.7 lens first and then the Olympus 75mm.

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If you do not need the pancake size of the 20mm, then get the 25mm f1.4 instead.  I have had both, and never much cared for the 20mm, but absolutely love the 25mm.  It behaves better in terms of focus speed in addition to having a beautiful quality to the images it produces....

The 75mm is supposed to be perhaps the very best M43 lens made.  I personally am not interested in it because I just don't shoot at that focal length except when I am doing nature work and generally don't need that fast a lens for that....but if you do, then it is a really remarkable lens, by all accounts.

The 45mm is sharp, cheap, and fast.  If you use that focal length a lot, it is a no brainer choice for a lens purchase.

So, for me, the primes I use the most are actually the 12mm Oly, 14mm, Panasonic, and 25mm Panasonic.  Since you have the 12-35mm, the one I would suggest to start with is the 25mm.....with the 45mm f1.8 as a good second prime if you like that fl.


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