Not new to editing for print, but need clarification for downsizing for DPR threads.

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Not new to editing for print, but need clarification for downsizing for DPR threads.

As the thread title implies, I am not new to photo editing. Much of what I have learned over the years has come from this forum. However, 99% of my output has been to print - namely a Canon Pixma Pro9500. So, until now I haven’t had the need to do any "formal" / "best way" downsizing for use on DPR threads. As of this time, I would like to start posting some of my images as a way of sharing and giving back to the forum community.

My current workflow / tools… NEF to NX2 to TIFF (aRGB) to CS5 to PSD file - then create / save separate TIFFs (aRGB) cropped for 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14 - then "output sharpen" each file according to print size.

I am looking for guidance to learn the "best way" to downsize images for displaying on the DPR forums. The only website / gallery that I have is the free DPR gallery (I set one up because I knew that I needed a website in order to include images in the DPR forum posts).

I say "best way" to downsize because I often experience problems when viewing images from other posters - I click the image and it shows the display window, but all I get is the "circular hourglass". I realize that some of that behavior could be from DPR site errors or lack of browser compatibility. It’s not all of the images - just sometimes - but way too often. Another problem I see is a lack of EXIF info - then the poster says something like "for some reason it dropped the EXIF info". So I am trying to downsize in a way that "attempts" to prevent these problems.

I’ve done some research about how to downsize and what tools, etc. It seems like FastStone Image Viewer (which I use for Viewing, rating, etc.) is a good tool for downsizing images as it offers many downsizing "methods" - bicubic, etc.

So here are my questions…

A - Sharpening - Should I be saving a separate file (one with no sharpening) and then do the sharpening only once after the downsize? Or should I start with one of my already sharpened for print files and then, after downsizing, do a "sharpen for web" edit?

B - EXIF - How do I ensure that I keep the EXIF data intact all of the way through to the final web-sized JPG?

C - Color - For posting images on DPR forums, should the "downsized" file be sRGB or can it remain as aRGB?

D - Size - Say for a 5x7 crop, what are the pixel dimensions whereby the image will not be further "downsized" or affected by DPR "filters"?

This last question is not really a "downsize" question, but rather one about sharpening…

E - Lens Talk forums - 100% crops - For demonstrating lens IQ / sharpness qualities… I know how to do the 100% crop task. I would crop at 100% view to a size that gets recommended in my question "D" above - therefore the "downsize" is already done. However, where in the process (in my question "A" above) does the sharpening for this purpose come into play?

E1 - Is it best to crop an unsharpened (but otherwise edited) image and then do a "sharpen for web"?

E2 - Is it best to crop an already "sharpened for print image" and do no further sharpening?

E3 - Other?

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this post and for any answers to the above questions. I hope that responses to this thread will be helpful to others as well.


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