Drop $350 on a 45mm prime when you've already got the 14-42mm kit lens?

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Re: Drop $350 on a 45mm prime when you've already got the 14-42mm kit lens?

The field of view is very narrow with the 45mm. It is OK for static portrait shots of adults but not so good for children indoors. I now use a 50mm f1.8 with a Sony SLT giving 75mm equivalent and find it a much more practical  focal length and the lens only cost £100 new.

The f2.8 30mm Sigma will be faster than the kit lens and is a reasonable price. If you have an E-PM2 you could push the ISO a bit compared with the older sensors. I doubt if the reduced distortion you get with 45mm will really offset the resultant rather tight field of view. The 45mm is a great lens but a bit specialised in my opinion especially if cost is an issue.

j y g wrote:

The Oly E-PM2 kit comes with the (non-X) 14-42mm  f/3.5-5.6 lens.  I'm eyeballing the  Oly 45mm f/1.8. Surely the 45mm is much better quality, and f/1.8 is very convenient.  But I'm thinking of the wisdom of having a 42mm-capable lens and then spending $350 on a 45mm prime lens, over 80% of the kit itself. (Obviously I'm not a pro, and I have a less than liberal budget).    The f/1.8 sure would help in doors,  but is 45mm on MFT short enough of a focal length to take photos in doors such that I wouldn't feel cramped when trying to compose?

The irony here is that the body-only E-PM2 sells for more than the kit


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