Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

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It's therefore entirely possible that almost all of the OP's problem is that he very genuinely lives in an area in which there's no market for decently-paying professional photography. If everyone within a 100-mile radius of you has an average income of $25k/year, you are not going to be doing a whole lot of $2500 weddings.

Then do not charge 2500 for weddings. I really do not understand why eevry photographer thinks he has to charge this much. it is as if the price of film days wedding shoots ought to carry over - well it doesn't have to. Today the cost of learning photography is a lot less and time required is a lot shorter. It is not a skill that still takes years and years to develop. This is why many uncle jacks are happy to shoot their nephew's wedding for free with a half decent job.

To put things in a little more perspective for you. I live in New Zealand, Gear price is generally 30% more expensive than the US, GDP per capital is in fact lower, so it cost more to be a photographer. My friend that I was telling you about earlier, who has more than 10 contract photographers now, he charges 1500 NZD per wedding ( that is 1200 USD). That is one full day of shooting. He is super busy.

Good advice here.

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