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Re: Orchids

1971_M5 wrote:

Very nicely done!  I am interested in how you set-up the background and illuminated the flowers... can you share that with us?

Quite a simple set up was used.  The camera was on a tripod with remote release and fitted with a 105 mm f2.8 macro lens.  
The flowers were placed about 2-3 feet in front of a large sheet of black card.
Two flashes were used, SB24 and SB28 triggered by cheap wireless triggers.  One flash below and behind  the flowers to camera right shooting upwards towards the flowers.  One above and in front of the flowers to camera left was fitted with a DIY cardboard and gaffer tape snoot so no light fell on the background.  There was a hand held white card reflector above and in front of the flowers to camera right which added some diffuse light and softened the shadows, but not by much as the intention was to create fairly strong shadows.
Exposure built up starting with back light, then front light and finally fill card.
Raw processed in Lightroom 4.4 with some final editing in Photoshop Elements.

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