Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: As a user of Photoshop since #1 (and every version since) . . . 20+ years ago

Steve Bingham wrote:

I am gone. ACR can be replaced. Bridge is crude and somewhat slow. Elements 11 can't do it all . . . nor can LR4. This will leave a huge void for some compamy to fill - and they will!!!!!! Death of an era.

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Steve Bingham

I Agree, i've been a loyal creative suite and older version user and i don't think this is a wise decision. What about all the expensive plug-ins most pro's have...Will they work in the cloud?!

ACR can be replaced with LR5, wich still will be a stand alone product, strangely enough.

No professional will like to be completely dependant on a cloud solution.

I think i'll upgrade to 6 and that's it.

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