a58 compared at 400iso to a57...worth looking*

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Ron Poelman
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Re: Didn't this thread answer that ?

Archer66 wrote:

Didnt this thread answer that ?

Not really, more like provided more fodder for talk.
Some things we do know for sure.....

Both cams are blistering bang for buck.

No @57 owner needs to, or will change to the @58.
The @58 missed a couple of points which would
have made a much bigger impact.
(something quicker than 1/4000 is my fav gripe).
the IQ vs Resolution debate has not been settled here or anywhere else.
It needs to relate to some form of real world yardstick.
Something like :
Shoot same target, light, distance, settings and lens in RAW.
Process with identical settings in a default RAW processor.
Crop the center (10% ?) of both and then compare results.
It HAS to relate to the final product,
anything prior to that, is merely a guide.

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