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photo perzon wrote:

BuckarooBanzai wrote:

photo perzon wrote:

My pictures are 1 second hold the camera and press the shutter.  Obviously experts that spend 4 hours with a tripod and a studio are the experts.  I look foward to the reviews.

But I will say this: in good light, large sensors do little.  Unless you are chasing bokeh, large sensors are for low light work.  Dinners and parties with no flash.

I think the issue originally expressed about not seeing the 'quality' in your samples is your general approach to taking these 'sample' shots.  Try taking more than 1 second and actually compose a photo with some attempt at creativity.  You don't need to take 4 hours or put this camera on a tripod to get excellent and interesting photos that would better showcase the capabilities of the camera. But it really seems by your posts that you are more interested in buying the newest 'class leader' in small cameras and then proceed to take a bunch of pics that have all the composition of a 5th grader using a smartphone.  Sorry to be harsh, but to many of us it's pretty much an insult to see great cameras used in this manner.  That's where the negative feedback on your posts originates.

I don't think your 4 pictures in your gallery are that impressive either.  Looks like you put some lenses and a camera on a table with poor light.

Yup, that's exactly what I did. And I took 5 seconds to take them with my iPhone as well, not a $1K camera where I'm trying to demonstrate the inherent superior capablilities of the equipment du jour.  Just answering a question a poster had on the use of a camera bag.  I answered his request to see the bag in question. Quick, to the point and efficient.  Didn't use my Nikon D300. Or the Olympus, or any of my other cameras.  But, hey, now that you mention it, I could have taken 8 hours, done a whole tabletop setup with lighting and shot it with my 4x5.

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