D600 oil design problem - latest serial # - is it fixed ?

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Re: A promising experience

VisuallyOriented wrote:

Nikon replaced the shutter on my D600 and after 3 days (5000 shots) the camera has about 15-20 spots on the filter.  The spotting isn't bad enough to ruin an image although it would require some cloning if I where shooting landscapes.

Perhaps the most important finding to me is the spotting is not completely random; it is primarily in the upper left of the pictures just as it was before.

Definitely a disappointment.  Nikon must know what the cause is.... It's hard for me to believe that they would change out shutters if that is not the cause.  I've built some rapport with one of the Techs at the service center and he was absolutely sincere when he said that he hadn't seen 1 D600 come back for spotting after the shutter was changed.

I live close to a service center so I'll take it back when convenient.  Perhaps 1 more cleaning and it behave like a typical DSLR which to me means about 10,000 shots between cleaning.

Disappointing news. Sounds like Nikon is giving D600 owners the runaround as they do NOT have the definitive fix for the problem. Kind of like going to the doctor and getting a placebo.

Do you think they're replacing the original shutters with the exact same shutters from the same manufacturing facility?

Again, what a mess.


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