New work laptop: Macbook Pro or Win7?...

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Re: New work laptop: Macbook Pro or Win7?...

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glasswave wrote:

I would need to set up the Mac Book pro as a dual boot. Since the Macbook Pro 15" has no optical drive, how will I reformat and reconfigure it? Will I need an external optical drive to reinstall osX, boot camp and win7?

Apple used to provide system CDs or DVDs.  Now they've gone to Mac OS X restore partitions (ick), with a twist.  If you have a broadband Internet connection, you can restore Lion or Mountain Lion over the network.

Also, I come to find that you can also make your own osX boot DVD. It's just not officially supported.

There are two levels of Recovery with Macs. One is the recovery partition which contains a bootable OS from which can for example run a disc repair but you still need internet access because the partition does not contain the full OS installer (and with downloading gives you the current version of OS right away).

The second level even works with no HDD (or a completely empty HDD). Essentially, the computer boots into its firmware from which you to connect to a WiFi network and the computer will download the whole OS.

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