2 questions for owners of CZ16-35

Started May 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Sh_la_m Contributing Member • Posts: 968
Re: 2 questions for owners of CZ16-35

so, the original problem I was having was caused by user error - I was using manual focus, and while my focus peaking was showing the zone I wanted "in focus" I was actually focused beyond infinity for that focal length, so basically nothing was in focus.  So, a manual focus error.  Easily solved by using autofocus.....in this case.  No repeat of this issue on following nights.

Hmm, I will compare my copy of the CZ24-70 to the CZ16-35 for some of the shooting I am doing.  Generally I prefer that three-dimensional look of the CZ16-35, even though from some of the expert analysis here I theoretically ought to be happier with the look of the CZ24-70....

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