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Re: there are no remapped sectors with them.

Jim Cockfield wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

So are there millions of hits on this too, or are you the only one articulating this view?

I haven't researched it yet.  I'm just passing on my findings with multiple drives.

My guess is that most users don't bother to try and fix them by doing things like zero filling them and making sure bad sectors are mapped out in EEPROM by the firmware; and instead, just let the OS they're using mark them as bad at the file system level instead.

there were a million hits on the load cycle issue.  Even more on the 4k alignment problems.  And plenty of linux guys with expertise in storage using these kinds of drives.  If your hypothesis were correct or even partially so, these guys would be all over it.  And Synology would be as well, since their reputation suffers when bad drives lead to a RAID failure.

I just hate for other users to have to go through the same issues I've had.  So, I'm passing on my findings in threads like this one when I see someone considering using WD Green Drives.

which forces others like me to counter this, and point out the lack of data you're working with to make this sweeping claim.

Even WD tells you not to use them in RAID setups (mostly because they don't support TLER).

WD would like to sell you a more expensive model.  This first really came up with people doing Tivo upgrades back when DVRs came with tiny little drives.  WD has a DVR specific model - much nicer margin for them.  But everyone managed to do fine with the cheap low margin models.

A few years later, the home filers for massive movie/music storage became common and a lot of them flocked to the green drives as they came out.  You don't care about power consumption, but many do (along with the heat/noise).   The later issues around heading parking and 4k sectors has caused some issues, but those weren't restricted to Greens either.  Same with reliability as capacities went to 1.5, 2, 3, and beyond.

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