Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

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Re: Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

wictred wrote:

Sony has the 35mm f1.8 OSS which costs 430€. That's expensive, yes - but apparently it is a good lens, and it has optical stabilisation (alternatives: Oly M43 and the panaleica 25mm f1.4 or canon aps-c with the FF 35mm f2 lens. both are more expensive than the Sony)

Then there's the Sony Zeiss 24mm f1.8, the new 20mm pancake, the 50mm f1.8 and of course there are also Sigma lenses (19mm and 30mm f2.8) which are really very good and dirt cheap.

So below 50mm Sony has a lot to offer, but longer than 50mm - not really. And maybe it'S a bit to much already. If you're looking for prime lenses around 30mm then you have 3 choices already (4 if you take the 30mm macro into account)

The NX system however shines with the 85mm f1.4 and the 60mm macro.

So if you're happy with the NX lens selection now, then it's a good choice. I wouldn't count on many more lenses to become available in the near future though.

That's $600 for a 35mm, whereas I paid under $200 for the Samsung 30mm f/2.  But it does seem like they have more lenses now.  What is important, is that there is sufficient lenses for your use, and that they be of acceptable quality.  I've read that some of those lenses require in-camera correction in order to be astigmatism-free. Not sure if that's true.  And how much does that Zeiss lens cost again?

However, pricing aside, I like the fact that Samsung as a 30mm f2.  I'd rather it be an f1.4, but it works very well. This lens allows you to combine it with an NX300, and have a package that costs less, is exactly the same size, and offers higher resolution and a faster lens than the very popular ad more expensive Fuji X100S.

I do hope that the new Sigma Art and Zeiss Touit lines eventually come out with lenses for Samsung NX mount.  It's a hard market to enter, because their market and cost analysis already showed them that the 30mmf2 is so dirt-cheap that it pretty much closes the door to any competition in that length.

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