Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

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Re: Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

Kaziklu wrote:

The NX20 is a camera I have owned for nearly a year now... I do thing with it though you will likely never do. 
My real life experience with the NX20 is that I have lost almost 400 images in the last year due to issues. I find it writes slow even to JPG, and the Auto Modes tend to (in my experience with the live view finder) be hit and miss. 
the Sony System is better for the beginner that likes shooting with a point and shoot. The JPG quality is nice, and you have enough of the bells and whistles that you can get more advance if you choose.
If were to suggest one to someone today I'd say go for the Sony over the Samsung as from what you have said in your comments, it would be the best for you...
Forgetting all the crazy figures camera geeks post constantly... what you seem to want is a camera that you are going to be able to use with your family and travelling  you are a point and shoot user, and you'd like a view finder but it isn't needed. 
The view finder issue is solved by buying a little device called a Loop. it can go over the screen on the back and let you use it a little more like a view finder on bright days. (but it isn't really needed).

The Auto modes and JPG are equal or better on the Sony. The low ISO (in bright lights) are a little better on the Samsung but not so much that it matters in any real way unless you want to argue with people on the internet.
I think the draw backs in the NX20 out way the pluses for what you seem to need the camera for. The NEX is designed for you, and Sony is having a great deal of luck with it, and the options in lens' are expanding fairly well.
I like my Samsung but in your case... Sony NEX.

Owning an Asus eeepc with an SD hard drive, I'm a bit more aware of issues surrounding SD cards... they eventually burn out if you use them enough.  For any lost images issues, get yourself a new class10 SD card.  Get a brand, not a chinese no-name as they often mislabel or do little or no quality control testing.

For camera issues, go to the Samsung website and install the new firmware.  A number of things can cause malfunctions, including simple static electricity (which can go into the tens of thousands of volts and they destroy computers and all kinds of devices on occasion). This can cause mis-writes, lost bits in code, and even cause damage.

You really should be getting in contact with your nearest Samsung service center and get your camera fixed.

One does not stop using radial tires because they've had a flat!

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