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FX for low light

24mp is 24mp - same resolution, regardless of being from a cell phone, dx, fx or medium format camera.   The quality of those pixels can vary a lot though.

As far as 'sharpness' goes, between DX and FX, it's a bit of a wash, but usually more in favor of DX.   With DX not using the corners (of FX lenses), you 'gain sharpness' at the edges of the frame.  On the other hand, you stress the center of the lens a bit more, so it's conceivable that some lenses may look better on FX than DX.  (My AF-D 80-400 seemed that way).

But resolution isn't why you choose DX or FX, unless you are talking about cropping.

The significant different in DX and FX these days is low light performance (and cost, of course.)  For a given sensor generation, an FX camera tends to have a 1-stop advantage in low light over a DX camera.    That's the main reason you'd want FX.

Of course you're going to pay for that, in various ways.

-the camera costs more.  (Expensive sensor)

-the lenses cost more (wide angle FX lenses have to be significantly bigger)

-FX wide angle lenses tend to be harder to pack (because they're bigger)

-you worry more about corner IQ with FX, both sharpness and IQ

-wildlife shooters lose pixels on subject when they crop

-landscape shooters lose some depth of field with FX

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