superzoom or m4/3 zoom in addition to E-M5

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superzoom or m4/3 zoom in addition to E-M5

I'm strictly a hobbyist, and I take decent but not great photos all in the 12-75mm range, mostly of my cat, my wife and whatever falls into my viewfinder walking around the street.  I would post pictures, but I'm not interested in posting run of the mill captures of the aforementioned topics.

I own the lovely E-M5, 12mm 2.0, 25mm 1.4, 45mm 1.8, 75mm 1.8, the 12-50mm kit, and 2 flashes. I know my strengths are here, but I would like to expand into the telephoto, mostly for family vacation purposes, baseball games, birds (not in flight), etc etc  (the basic topics of a hobbyist).  I don't expect myself to be taking breathtaking shots, just fun shots!

I do think a second body would be great not only for a zoom solution, but also for my wife so that she can shoot a well... but my wife loves my camera and is hankering for an E-m5 type body (VF, external controls... so close with that new pen, VF are so essential.. sigh*).  She has mentioned though we need to shore up our zoom capabilities, especially with summer vacation coming up...

Any thoughts on a zoom solution?

1. Buy a higher end superzoom? If so, which one? Should I stick with oly as I have flashes, or am I just kidding myself as I wouldn't use the flash... Get the excellent constant 2.8 Pany fz-200?  Or alternative?

2. Should I buy a 45-150mm, super cheap yet solid throughout.  Save the money for future purchases?

3. Should I buy a m.zuiko 75-300mm, same cost and weight as a superzoom?  I wonder how the quality is compared to a superzoom...

4. Save the money and buy the imminent E-m5 successor?

5. Treat wife out to fancy dinner/hotel during vacation, enjoy what I got?

6. Something else?

There aren't any wrong or right answers, but I would love to see how you all would handle this (lovely) situation I am in.  With my bday coming up soon, I'll probably splurge and enjoy my bouts of GAS with a purchase.  Knowing me, I may just throw all this out of the window and buy a X100s... haha!

Take care, good shooting out there!

Fujifilm X100S
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