An idea to improvement of Foveon sensors

Started May 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
Trollshavethebestcandy Contributing Member • Posts: 502
Re: An idea to improvement of Foveon sensors

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Trollshavethebestcandy wrote:

I like the IR layer concept.  More info to paint the picture.  Better yet for my purposes three layers.  Monochrome IR.  Highs, lows and IR for the ultimate monochrome.

Yes, thats another side of the coin. In my proposal you did not use the IR information at all. But, you could of course add electrodes and other logic to transport the IR info to an A/D converter an get a dedicated IR signal. Don't know how much more complex that is than just throwing it away.

It would be interesting to use the IR as a negative to interpret color but have the three layers set up for monochrome highs, lows then IR.  Square sensor!  Are you listening Sigma or any other maker?

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