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Re: Stupid Question, many thanks!

Erik Ohlson wrote:
So, if I understand what I think you are saying, "Time Machine" will keep saving the same thing (including changes) over and over, wheras "CCC" or "SuperDuper" will just update from time to time with only new or changed data.

Time Machine stores a series of "snapshots" of each file.  This may not include EVERY change you save to the file because (a) there is a limited amount of space on the backup drive, and (b) Time Machine only looks for new versions to save every so often.  But it often stores multiple versions of a file, which may let you recover if you do a Save and then wish you hadn't.

The downsides of Time Machine are that the backup disk isn't bootable (you have to restore the Time Machine backup to another drive, then boot from that drive), and that the "backup in the background nature" of Time Machine backups encourages you to keep the backup drive connected to your Mac at all times (where both could be taken out by a single catastrophic event like a fire).

CCC and SuperDuper help you to keep a copy of the latest version of each file, but they don't do anything (directly) to help you keep catalogs of past versions that you can browse through.

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