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Re: there are no remapped sectors with them.

kelpdiver wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

But, that's not even the most important problem.   Premature problems with them (sector errors) is the main issue I've had with mine (even though I have also seen high load cycle counts with them that may be a contributing factor with some setups)

So are there millions of hits on this too, or are you the only one articulating this view?

I haven't researched it yet.  I'm just passing on my findings with multiple drives.

My guess is that most users don't bother to try and fix them by doing things like zero filling them and making sure bad sectors are mapped out in EEPROM by the firmware; and instead, just let the OS they're using mark them as bad at the file system level instead.

Most users probably don't even realize they may have data with problems on them either, just because SMART data claims they're still healthy, unless they bother to test the drives.

I don't have any vendetta against WD or anything like that (and I have no reason to promote drives from other vendors either, as I'm just a user of them, with nothing to gain or lose if one drive manufacturer is more successful compared to another)

I just hate for other users to have to go through the same issues I've had.  So, I'm passing on my findings in threads like this one when I see someone considering using WD Green Drives.

Why are they on the supported drives list for Synology and other SMB NAS makers?  These guys would have every reason to disqualify them if this problem were systemic, and particularly if sector remapping was commented out of the firmware.

Even WD tells you not to use them in RAID setups (mostly because they don't support TLER).

I don't even trust them anymore for use in a JBOD setup based on my experience with them, and I certainly wouldn't use them for any important data in a NAS type of setup.  You don't have to do much digging to find users claiming a very high problem rate with them (I've seen users with lots of them in server environments say that approx. 40% failed inside of a year).

But, again, suit yourself.

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