XS-1 EXR high dynamic range advice please

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Re: XS-1 EXR high dynamic range advice please

Brian Wadie wrote:

hmm - I ran a series of test shots using those settings and whilst at first glance there is more detail once I open the files up in either LR5 beta (my usual is LR 4.4) or PSP12 (my favourite fall-back processer) there is significant noise which, once dealt with, reduces the sharpness and detail of the image file.

How do you PP your files Joms? It may be you have a better piece of software or are better at extracting information from the Fuji files (my prior experience is limited to canon CR2 and Olympus ORF + associated JPG files)

I usually load my RAFs to SilkyPix and resize them down to 12MP (or lower for high ISO shots) with USM to 0.2 150%.

Sometimes I will use RawTherapee to do micro-constrasting to extract more detail.

I am using HS50 btw and not X-S1 but my setting should work for all HS cam and X-S1.

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