Do I really need prime portrait lens?

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Re: Do I really need prime portrait lens?

Tepacca wrote:

I have Nikon 70-200mm f4 VR
Will primes like Nikon 105mm DC or Nikon 85mm 1.4 produce a much better results for portraits? I do not think these would be sharper but will bokeh be that different to justify buyung a new lens?


The zoom will never open up more than F4, and the prime will never cover the range of the zoom...  Different tools, for different results.  The prime is also far less conspicuous; less intimidating for many not used to a large lens pointed at them...

Personally, I have the 70-200VR2, and still use the prime ALL the time.  In fact, my sigma 85 F/1.4 is virtually always attached to one body, or another.  I sue the 70-200 for moving targets, or events...  The 85 for anytime I can get my subect to hold still for a couple seconds.  When you want to really narrow your focus to just the sujects, eyes, nothing else will do (this was wide open on a D700)!

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