6D Users: Do You Use WiFi?

Started May 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
Y Hafting
Y Hafting Contributing Member • Posts: 787
Re: 6D Users: Do You Use WiFi?

MarshallG wrote:

The wifi features of the 6D sound very useful. I would like to hear from any 6D owners about their experience with this feature -- Do you use it, is it really useful, and how do you use it?


For remote triggering/ tripod work/ self portraits, staged group shots/ together with a smartphone/ ipad = very good.

For file transfer = not so good (too slow compared to USB 2.0, but this is as expected, most wifi devices go below 50MBit/s, and so does this camera- compare this to 480 M/Bit with USB 2, the wifi is not in the same ballpark.

The interface is in its infancy. It can be easier in use, but it does the job.


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