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Re: Purchase Photoshop Actions?

I think this is very much a personal thing - as indeed SO much in photography always is.  Depends greatly on the TYPE of pics you shoot mainly.. as different types really do require (if you use any at all) quite different types of Actions or Plug-ins.
But the selections you quote - frankly don't appel to me at all. and for the price I just know I could spend that and get a lot more useful (generally) Actions or better still.. Plug-ins .. to do some useful things.

I'd suggest to go to such as Action Central and also Fred Miranda's site where there are a lot of very good and useful Actions.. As to Plug-ins... look out for some excellent ones for general use from such as Nik Software...they have some VERY good Plug-ins which you can use on almost any type of pic.  Also I find the quite simple-looking but probably VERY excellent usage Plug-in I use is from iCorrect..  it's called One-Click.. and apart from what IS in fact a One-Click...you can choose to use a lot more variables in their 'Enhancements' with another click-box.

But it does depend so much on what type of pics you mainly shoot.. if it's just quite varied but general.. then I just feel the suggestions above would prove FAR better in use than that link collection.. and you can get quite a big lot of Actions that are completety free but truly great.. just do a Google for "Photoshop Actions" and I'm sure it will come up with a big lot.

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