Miami Cruise ship with Nikon A

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Use dpreview "full page" options

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It is unfortunate that this forum gets saturated with really bad pictures taken with that camera. I sometimes wonder if some of the "example" posts might be commissioned by a competitor: horribly boring subjects, very badly composed images, crappy series. Many of those pictures would be enough to dissuade anyone from giving the "A" a try.

Agreed. Similar observation could be made about the posting of second–rate images taken with the P7700. Yet the response is usually "great set – thanks for sharing". Little I've seen here so far inspires me to buy either model.

You are limiting your options by relying on posted user photos on which to make a decision on a camera's capabilities, (please don't flame, mine are no better/usually worse than any others posted).

Read the reviews here and elsewhere regarding IQ and all its facets on a particular camera.

Also read User reviews regarding Timing, Handling, etc. This is the real value of User reviews ('non-professional').

These two sources can provide the 'inspiration' you are looking for when buying a camera.

I've noticed the shown pictures can also be downloaded and also shown 100% and with the loupe.  There is detail not shown in the normal presentation of a picture.

My pictures are 1 second hold the camera and press the shutter.  Obviously experts that spend 4 hours with a tripod and a studio are the experts.  I look foward to the reviews.

But I will say this: in good light, large sensors do little.  Unless you are chasing bokeh, large sensors are for low light work.  Dinners and parties with no flash.

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