6D and 85mm f/1,8

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Re: 6D and 85mm f/1,8

SleebusJones wrote:

Critique as requested, not trying to be rude or mean!:

Exposure: Skintones and general exposure look ok.

Lighting:  Very flat.  I realize this is probably a candid portrait, but some side fill for subtle modeling would help, probably with a CTO gel over it to match the setting sun.  Can be as simple as holding the strobe high and off to the side with an off-camera sync cord.  Light and shadow add interest and depth to a photo.  Easy to say here on a forum, not always easy to do out in the field!

Choice of lens: A bit short of a lens for a full length portrait.  I'd use around 135mm for full length, that way the background will blur out nicely and not be distracting.  It'll also provide good separation for your subject from the background as a result.  Using a 85mm, I'd be more likely to take 3/4 length shots rather than full length.  This will blow out the background nicely.  A vertical 3/4 length shot here would have worked well here.

Composition: No one part of the photo appears to be emphasized, so composition is lacking.  It's just the subject pretty much dead center of the photo, totally square to the camera, looking directly into the lens.  Any one of those can be ok, but when the shot is composed of all of them, it doesn't make for a very compelling image -- and that's what you're after, right?  Have your subject sit at a 45 to the camera and look over their shoulder; simple to pose and gives a good result.  Don't center on the bench, move to one side, and shoot across.  Use the rule of thirds as a guide.  Shoot vertical, as with the horizontal shot, you have a lot of dead space.  Negative space can be used to good effect, but not with a square on pose such as this.

Hope this helps!


Okay, thanks for the feed back... i actually just ordered a radio trigger for my flash along with gels. I have some shots where she is sitting more like you described  but none of them really caught my attention. Maybe i will have to look again. Maybe because of the on camera flash?

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