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Re: Based on all the above...

Moto1d wrote:

Im not overly sold on the D600 given the close comparison to the d7100 even if there is a difference it just doesnt seem worth the move. As the saying goes, Poor men do things twice. Therefore I guess its a D800.

A quick question without deviating too much. I have the option of buying a grey market D800 brand new without warranty 700usd cheaper than the official reseller with local warranty. None of my retailers offer international warranty which makes me think they are all grey market, who knows.

Is it worth the risk? Maybe before handing over the cash I can take a test shot and run Dead pixel testing software?

Im assuming the biggest problem i couldhave would be dead pixels?

In the old mechanical days the risks weren't that high. In the modern digital age despite the hypochondria that can blossom here, dead pixel would be a minor problem if something does go wrong with your camera, consider where can you send it for checks/repairs, how much will it cost, how long will it take. That's the price of grey...

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