First DSLR - yet another Nikon vs Canon dilemma

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First DSLR - yet another Nikon vs Canon dilemma


I have been reading up on DSLR features and understanding the various terminology and such for about a month or so. I have also read a few online guides into buying your first DSLR, and unfortunately I'm still confused.

Recently I went to a wedding where a friend was using a Nikon 5200 with a f1.4 lens for portraits, he is not a pro but just took 2-3 intro classes in understanding photography, and the results were quite amazing, the picture quality was great, very clear and sharp with natural colors. I was quite certain that I will go with the same equipment until I walked into a store and asked a sales person, who provided a completely opposite view, in his advice a Canon T3i or T4i would be a much better choice. He took some portraits of me using both Canon and Nikon (couldn't save because demo models did not have memory card) but according to him he kept the same settings on both the Canon 600D/T3i and the Nikon 5200 with the same type of lens and I could clearly see that the Canon pictures were visibly sharper and had better colors.... hence my confusion. I understand that it is possible that he kept different settings to maybe prove his opinion but I don't know if that was the case or not. He said in fact that even a Canon T3 would also take the same quality of great pictures.

After reading several online reviews and comparisons, people tend to suggest that the Nikon is a superior camera.Her is some comparisons I have looked at:

I have also compared the T3 and T4i with Nikon D5200 on the above sites.

However, I recently talked to a couple of professional photographers and one of them clearly said that in the higher end photography Canon is preferred (I don't now if thats a fact or opinion)

All of the above has unfortunately led to a lot of information but with added confusion.

If I may, I'm listing below the features I think are important to me, if some of the experienced folks would be kind enough to help me out, I would really appreciate it.

1. budget - $500-700 (incl lenses, I'm looking at refurbs to help fit this in my budget)

2. Ability to very quickly pick up the camera to capture kids activities, moments etc.

3. Very good image quality specifically for portraits with great colors

4. Excellent resolution in case of enlarging upto 15x20 ( I think)

5. Good quality images in non-uniform lighting or low light or very bright light

6. Good quality video capture (preferably HD) with HDMI

7. I think good viewscreen resolution is important (pls correct me if its not that crucial)

8. GPS tagging would have been nice but as far as I have checked, my shortlisted cameras do not have it

These are what I can think of, I'm open to all suggestions and advices.

Thanks a ton


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