7100 - 1.3 crop?

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Re: 7100 - 1.3 crop?

bobgeorge wrote:

Great info all.  It is a feature Nikon markets so I just wanted to know if it was practical to use to extend the reach.

Thanks for sharing.

Remember that the 1.3x "crop mode" is not the same thing as the 1.5x "crop" of the DX sensor, although the mechanism of reach extension is the same (reduction of image circle).  The latter implies a host of physical changes to the imaging chain itself (smaller sensor and lens) that confer size and weight advantages over FF equipment.  The only direct physical advantages that the 1.3x crop on the D7100 provide are faster buffer clearing, reduced file size, and a much higher coverage of AF zones across the reduced frame szie, which can be useful in certain situations.  The disadvantages are reduced resolution and in video mode, poorer video files for some reason.  The files that result from the 1.3x crop happen to be almost the same resolution as a D7000's, which means you're not giving up that much to employ.

If you are not burst rate or file size limited, you can achieve the same result with greater flexibility by simply cropping 30% in post and framing your subject such that it covers only the central 70% of viewfinder.  Oh yeah, the D7100 makes that easy for you by providing a 1.3x crop box in the viewfinder.

A very minor feature for most.

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