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Hi. I am looking to buy a Dslr for taking photo of my 1 year old son. I can afford either a d600 or a d7100. Which one should I get? Thanks.

The April 23th post by Thom Hogan is the best comparison I have seen on the two camaras.  You can see it hear:


His write-up makes some good points, but I differ with his blanket statement that IQ differences are only seen in low light/high ISO situations. Looking over the Imaging Resource samples, I see better IQ even at base ISO on the D600 vs. the D7100, despite the FF shot being at a DOF disadvantage (same aperture used on both shots). There is better edge sharpness and detail, even in base ISO situations. Look at the basket weave behind the swatches, and the beard detail on the bottle as good examples. The D600 is crisp and clean, the D7100 softer.

The other major difference he doesn't discuss is the viewfinder size. "Perceived brightness" is not the big viewfinder differentiator, the size of the viewfinder is. The D600 viewfinder is much bigger and better. The D7100 viewfinder, like all APS-C viewfinders, is too small and is irritating to look through - kind of like trying to peer through a small kehole in a thick door (not that I have a lot of experience with that, before you get the wrong idea!).

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