400 mm f:4 - the ideal long telephoto lens?

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Re: Concern is price To much for most Pros

oklaphotog wrote:

Personally a 35/2 isn't something I would put on my list. It's not that I don't like 35mm on FF, it is one of my favorite focal lengths. But the 28-75 and 24-70 are already F2.8, and they have the 35/1.4 G. Personally I think redesigning the 35G is what they should do as F1.4 is a much more useful jump in speed compared to the zooms vs. an F2. The 35G has always been a bit of a turd, we even used to talk about it back in the Minolta days. With that said, they could easily make a 35/2.  They have the design as Minolta made a 35/2 lens. It is extremely rare to find a used one, but it was always a better lens than the G. I doubt it would take much for Sony to drop in a sam motor and put it back in the lineup. What I find interesting is that instead of reproducing the great 35/2 Minolta lens which was small, compact and FF compatible, they made the 35 DT instead for the crop guys. The DT isn't any smaller than the 35/2. Maybe they don't want to cannibalize sales of the 35G.

I think I stop understanding Sony's strategy as it makes little sense to me.  In my opinion, the 35 mm f/2 would be a superb addition for street photography/people shooters, because it will be small, it should (must) be sharp at f/2 (which is not the case of the 35mm f/1.4 G, which is dreadful at f/1.4, thus not interesting), and cheaper as well (300-400 USD?).

Though if the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 performs superbly as people are claiming, Sony would not have to worry to sell their 35mm f/1.4 anymore

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