HS50 focus woes

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Re: HS50 focus woes

DickyAus wrote:

I agree, but from day one with my HS50 'point and shoot' has been hit and miss. My initial delight with the first shots I took turned to despair and the thought that something  may be intermittent wrong with my camera.

I don't know if it will be any consolation, but day one w/my HS25 'point and shoot' seemed hit and miss. I've had ups and downs since then, more ups lately than before. Nearly a year ago, I went on vacation to Arizona. At the time, I was still new to the HS25, and didn't really understand all the settings. I took a few out-of-focus landscape shots like yours, because I was trying to keep it in the highest aperture possible. I only realized my mistake now, after reading your shots & reading the EXIF data.

(Why didn't I just use P mode? Don't ask. I always seem to find the hardest way to learn my lessons. I still haven't even tried P mode! :-P)

Still, I don't consider these "point and shoot" cameras; they have a learning curve. These days, I keep a much higher proportion of the photos I take, and I like the ones I keep a lot more. I've learned a few things about postprocessing, but I still do very little of it. (Mostly crop, resize & a little color improvement; I like more contrast & saturation than most cameras provide.) Climbing the curve is very much worth it, but there's a curve nonetheless.

...& that's fine w/me. I didn't consciously want a P&S; I wanted something that would give me nice photos & teach me a little. This camera taught me a lot more than I expected, & given the exasperation I sometimes give my wife and kids, I probably should have gone w/something a little simpler. In hindsight, I'm glad for it.

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