Miami Cruise ship with Nikon A

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marike6 wrote:

Nikonworks wrote:

Sorry but I don't see the return in IQ for all that money spent on the A.

I just don't see it.

What were you expecting from an APS-C camera with no AA filter?  Have you even seen any D7000 images?  That's the kind of IQ you can get from the Coolpix A, but from what I'm seeing the default output from the A may be a bit sharper than the D7000 / 18-105 VR at 18mm.  Those are just my impressions from owning the D7000 and having downloaded a ton of A images.

I have used my D7000 on a daily basis since it was available.

Subsequently I have used my D7100 on a daily basis since it was available.

I am aware of IQ characteristics of both cameras.

This is why I posted above:  "Sorry but I don't see the return in IQ for all that money spent on the A."

But Photo Perzon is quite right to point out that his samples are OOC JPEGs.  Shooting RAW, and processing in LR will yield even better IQ.

But with the A you are also paying for it's small size and robust "Made in Japan" metal body.

When you realize Nikon does not have to install a mirror box and all associated equipment,

you realize the price is even more outrageous.

If I had an A, I'd be ecstatic with this IQ.

Why what compact do you feel has better IQ?  I'm curious to know.

Where did I suggest another compact has better IQ than the A?

All I said was related to the A's IQ and its cost.

Since you asked, my Samsung TL500 gives the best OOC jpegs that I have seen from any camera that I have used (Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji).

Yes, it has been upgraded and I shoot my P7700 in its place for other reasons,

but the OCC Jpegs from the TL500 are truly amazing.

Thanks for your comments.

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