Amanda Knox - the most sickening thing I've seen...

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Re: You can ask her yourself...

This goes into real detail and does clear up the tabloid accusations that at first glance could lead people to conclude guilt. I at first thought so without having the facts. You are unwilling to go into it so you become a patsey for inept prosecutors.

Well no it doesn't, it doesn't even begin to touch on the wealth of evidence that puts Knox at the scene, where do you want to start, we have loads to go through....

You have already presented all the evidence in your source below where you lifted your entire opening series of 'questions.' All were just lifted quotes from the article you sited. And the entire article was just opinion and interpretation of opinion. The only real forensics were of a footprint that was shown not to be Rudy Guede's footprint. Well, again he was not the only one involved. It did not (except as a comparison to Sollecito's) implicate Sollecito. So the footprint was more similar to Sollecito's than to Guede's footprint.

" the evidence here (quite simply the most accurate and comprehensive commentary on the whole sorry saga) and then you'll understand why Knox and Sollecito are clearly guilty as hell "

I saw nothing accurate or comprehensive in that article. Really, I read it very carefully, the whole thing. Not a strong case or even a case. Just opinion and stuff thrown against the wall.

That's because you se what you want to see. Unfortunately, like Knox and her defence team you have singularly failed to address any of the overwhelming circumstantial and testimonial evidence that means she clearly was involved with Sollecito, you know, those tiny little details like
Multiple incoherent alibi's?

The implication of an innocent man (of which she has been convicted)?

this has been explained and does not really amount to proof against her

Her knowledge of the wounds which she could only have known if she was there?

I have never heard of this. Where is this knowledge of wounds statement in the record?

The staged break-in?

How does this interpreted 'staged'  break-in implicate either of the two?

Her bizarre behaviour?

opinion of behaviour

The timing and length of her phone calls?

Call to her mom? So? Her room mate? It was to tell her of a break in and she hung up when the answering message occurred -or not. How does this have anything to do with it?

her DNA mixed with kerchers blood in 5 different places?

Now that is something to present in court. Since it did not hold up in court, why not?

Her unproven allegations of coercion?

I think it was not meaning to prove but to explain inconsistencies of statements because of stress during five hours of questioning.

The witness testimony that puts her at a convenience store at 07-45am when she said she was in bed

That does seem to be implicating since there was a witness and inconsistanacy of statement.

Solecito's assertion that he did not spend the night with her (even though she says she  did)?

I think that is BS. Where is the denial of Solecito and her being together made?

You know, those tiny little details that make detectives a tiny bit suspicious. Of course you're trying to tell me that this is entirely irrelevant aren't you Inspector Clouseau. If you do have any answers to those burning questions I'm sure the Italian Police and the Kercher family would love to hear them.

You have just decided guilt and take what the prosecutors present which is all they can find as forensic evidence which it is not. Inconstant statements made during a five hour long interview. Phone call lengths to unrelated parties. Contaminated blood evidence and just plain opinions from internet blogs strung together to make a case. I doubt this will hold together in a formal court trial. IMO

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