My first outing with Sony 70-400mm, C&C please

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Re: My first outing with Sony 70-400mm, C&C please

Sam_Oslo wrote:

My first outing with A77 + good old Sony 70-400mm G1  I've just got a new PP software too,  so  C&C on lens and PP is appreciated.

My first impression is good. The lens is doing really good wide open over all the range, and that's what counts most. But it's a bit bulky for easy-handling, and a bit heavy for handheld  all-day-shooting, but maybe I need to learn how to carry and handle it correctly, or maybe that's how a long-zoom lanes is, or maybe I need a Mono-pod.

Congratulations on your acquisition of the SAL-70400G.  Your images are wonderful!

My ownership satisfaction of "the silver cannon" went through the roof as soon as I took a contributor's advice to use a Manfrotto gimbal mount on a sturdy Manfrotto tripod.  In addition to it's robust and flexible excellence for birding, it allows me to shoot fast moving sports action with either stills or video using the excellent articulated rear LCD panel for composition.

Also, the large SONY Alpha back pack has allowed me to safely transport the huge lens without fear of damaging it or my other gear.  It is even large enough to accomodate the bulky gimbal tripod head in the compartment design for a VAIO notebook computer.

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