So, rumor has it...

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Re: So, rumor has it...

Great Bustard wrote:

...that Sigma's working on releasing a 135 / 1.8 OS and a 24 / 1.4, both "art" lenses, by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.  Like I said, just a rumor, but if I were Sigma, that's what I'd do.

That leaves 50mm open for Canon.  I'd be pleased to see a 50 / 2 IS ala the 35 / 2 IS and/or a 50 / 1.2L II.

But what we're missing is a fast 17mm prime.  I think that's gotta come from Sigma, since Canon has the 14 / 2.8L II and 17 TSE.  Then again, maybe Sigma might think to redo their 20 / 1.8, although that's a bit too close to 24mm, I would think.

Let's not forget zooms, though.  I think the 24-200mm range is pretty well covered at the moment.  So, I'm wondering if someone isn't working on a killer UWA zoom.

How say you all ?

I like the idea of a 135 1.8 lens mucho ! There is one already I'm not sure but I think it is Zeiss and it works on Sony Camera's as I recall. I saw a portrait taken with it and I can find it I will post the link !

I'm pretty happy with my 50L. Seems to work better on the 6D than the 5D. I think the Sigma 35 1.4 is awesome but I have no real interest in that range for a prime because I have a 24-70 and the 50L is enough. But I saw a great portrait of a beautiful woman taken with the 35 1.4 Sigma. Great blur and a slightly exaggeratd enlongated  projection of her upper body ! If someone gave me the lens would not turn it down !

I would love to have a fast prime in the 24 to 28mm range though.

As far as the 14mm range no real interest in a prime. I may pick up the Tamron 17-35 or a 12-20 ultra wide zoom !

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