D600 vs d7100

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But this is quite easy: I have the 17-55 (on my second D300) and I bought the d600 with the 24-85 in sept 2012. It came with the d600 as 'a bonus', meaning almost for free (50 euro). I used it on the d600 until december 2012. Then I sold it. The 17-55 is a faster lens that equals a 25.5-82.5 range which you will hardly be able to distinguish from the 24-85 in every day use. But you will notice the much higher AF speed, much better built quality and better colors of the 17-55with it's genes from the holy trinity Fx lenses. The 24-85 is an overpriced Nikon lens with good center sharpness. That's all. Nevertheless, considering the current price, the 17-55 is over the top as well.

The counterpart of the D600 and 24-85 is not the d7100 with a 17-55. It is the D7100 with the Sigma 17-70 OS C. I have a 17-70 OS attached to my D300s and it makes up about all I need when I go travelling. It has a very smooth bokeh, great near focus ability and an OS that rivals the VRII easily. It's reach only compares to the 24-120. The latter is for sale at the moment because mine is too noisy with it's squeeky AF and it lacks contrast.

There are two tables presented to you showing many choises of equal focal length in Dx and Fx. Clamchowder spelled it out for you.


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